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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Rutgers backup quarterback Chris Laviano adds to small body of work

By Tyler Barto
Twitter: @Tyler_Barto

PISCATAWAY — It didn't happen under the circumstances he favored, but Rutgers backup quarterback Chris Laviano appeared in his second career game in Saturday's loss at No. 13 Ohio State.

Laviano, who lost out during a three-man training camp competition but earned backup duties, engineered Rutgers' final six-play drive. He finished 1-for-1 for four yards, but wideout Andre Patton fumbled.

"You need as much game experience as you can get, and you always want reps," Laviano said Tuesday. "It didn't really matter to me as much because we were losing the way we did. I could care less about that. If they put me in the game, I'm going to do it to the best of my ability."

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Laviano also appeared in Rutgers' home opener against Howard, completing 1 of 3 passes for six yards. 

Next year, the redshirt freshman will likely contend with LSU transfer Hayden Rettig, among others, for Rutgers' vacant starting position. He hopes his minimal game day reps are transferable.

"It sucks to see us lose the way we did. Everyone wants playing time obviously, so it was a good grind," Laviano said. "Tried to have fun out there for that series."

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