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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rutgers' Betim Bujari breaks down pre-snap reads: 'There's a lot'

By Tyler Barto
Twitter: Tyler_Barto

A few weeks ago we profiled middle linebacker Steve Longa, who's required to make all the front-seven calls based on the offense's personnel and formation. 

The same role applies to center Betim Bujari, who must read a defense and relay signals to the rest of the offensive line before the snap.
Center Betim Bujari has several pre-snap
duties in a new offense. (AP Photo)

Bujari on what triggers his calls:
"First off, I'm looking at the front (linemen), whether it's odd, even, five down. I make the front call. Then I look for an I.D. depending on what play we're running. From that I.D., I also have to assess the safeties, see their location or rotation. That'll tell me whether pressure's coming, if there's any sort of blitz on. (If) the MIKE's down on d-line, that'll tell me something. Making some alert calls if necessary."
The I.D. Bujari refers to is the MIKE linebacker, the middle of an opposing defense. Where he lines up could dictate Rutgers' blocking scheme, so Bujari must respond in kind.

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The former guard will also be required to pull in several packages in Ron Prince's zone scheme. He wasn't responsible for doing as much last season, his first at center.

"Pulling's a chance to show your athleticism," Bujari said Monday. "It's a one-on-one kick-out block. As an offensive lineman, you just get a thrill every time you hear you're going to pull. That's your opportunity to go knock someone out."

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