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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Quotable: Ruhann Peele on Jamal Merrell, trash talking and more

By Tyler Barto
Twitter: Tyler_Barto

PISCATAWAY — With two of Rutgers' top-six receivers out with injury, redshirt freshman Ruhann Peele has emerged with the first-team offense.

We have more on Peele in an extended feature here, but here's what Peele said Wednesday that didn't make the cut:

On working against strongside linebackers in the slot: "I'm real ready for SAMs and 'backers because Jamal Merrell, he's long. I don't think there are too many 'backers with arms as long like that. Going against him is like getting the best look you could possibly get. I'm really prepared for that. I feel like as a 'backer, their feet are not as fast as mine and avoid them and don't let them get their hands on me. I feel like that's a mismatch all year."

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On comfort in reading secondary before pre-snap: "Way more. If you see two safeties or one safety come down, then you know, 'OK, that's two-safety high. I have to adjust my route this way.' Or if it's one-high, 'OK, so I can't go that high in the middle of the field. I have to adjust it this way.' However the safeties and linebackers rotate, it helps you a lot. From a hot route I can tell if he's blitzing. I'm like, 'I know I can't run this route. I have to make it shorter (and) faster because there's going to be pressure on the quarterback.'"

On memories from a Rutgers football camp in high school: "I actually broke my wrist and my thumb. I had a cast on. I was cutting everybody, getting reps and keep going, keep going. I was actually at the three-day camp, and the people that came were actually the one-day camp. They were supposed to be the good players. I just wanted to come over there and dominate."

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On nuances of going back and forth with defensive backs: "It's definitely a head game. If somebody on the defense stops me one play or hit me hard, I get up and say, 'You have to come harder,' or, 'That's not good enough.' Mentally it makes that defender think, 'Oh, man, he's going to be here all day, still coming. What am I going to do to bring him down?'"

On not getting too emotionally invested in trash talk: "You just have to know that the defenders are playing the same game you're playing. You're not the only one trying to get in their heads. When you get in somebody's head and get emotional, all the techniques and everything they're taught go out the window."

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