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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Quotable: Kyle Flood from Rutgers media day

By Tyler Barto
Twitter: Tyler_Barto

PISCATAWAY — Kyle Flood held his media day press conference Saturday, hours after Rutgers' first training camp scrimmage and a commitment from four-star wide receiver Saeed Blacknall from Manalapan.

You can find our story from the scrimmage linked, but here's a cut of what Flood said in the team's recruiting lounge:

On impact of tight ends in scrimmage"It's not a conscious effort necessarily to get them involved. Every play has a progression. Depending on the defense and what they do, the quarterbacks' eyes have to move in a certain direction. Today they moved to the tight ends a little bit."

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On impressions of special teams from scrimmage
"I was disappointed our coverage teams didn't do a better job. I was pleased with the way Miles (Shuler) returned the kicks and I was pleased with the way Janarion (Grant) returned the punts. But I was a little bit disappointed with the younger players on the scout team who were running down trying to cover the kicks. It was almost too easy as they were coming back."

On performance of true freshman wideout Andre Patton"It's a big step for Andre Patton. It's his first time down in the stadium. Even though it may only seem like practice 11, it's not. You go down to that stadium and there's media there and there's family there. He reacted well to it today and I'm excited to see what he can do next week to try to earn his role on this offense."

On Gary Nova's two-incompletion outing in scrimmage"That comes from a couple things. One is an experience playing in games. That always helps. The experience of another offseason of spring practice and training camp. That helps. But also, you can't ever discount having another year of strength and conditioning. Gary's in the best shape of his life. Does that equate to better mechanics? I don't know, because I saw Gary make great throws last year. Does it equate to more consistent mechanics? I would think it does. There's much less likelihood of any type of fatigue because he's in the best shape of his life."

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On true freshman defensive tackle Sebastian Joseph: "I would agree Sebastian stood out to me because he almost ran into me one time as he came through the line of scrimmage. Sebastian's a big kid and he moves fast, and I'm not very athletic so I didn't even know I could get out of the way. But I think Sebastian did stand out. I think he's having a good training camp so far."

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