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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Quotable: Johnathan Aiken, Tejay Johnson talk sub-packages, depth chart and more

By Tyler Barto
Twitter: Tyler_Barto

Any depth chart changes from Saturday's scrimmage could come as soon as Monday, two days before preparations begin for Fresno State. 

We featured certain openings in the secondary earlier last week, but here's more from the players that didn't make the cut in the first feature:

Junior safety Johnathan Aiken

Johnathan Aiken could be featured in Rutgers' dime
and '30' packages. (Tyler Barto)
On offseason position change "I'm at strong safety now. Last year I was playing free safety. It's a different adjustment, but it's a lot more involvement. I like it. You come down in the box (and) hit a lot of people. You have to like it. You have to like to hit."

On responsibility as linebacker on passing-down packages:  "In certain coverages, it's man-to-man because you're getting better coverage than putting an actual linebacker in there. They do ask me to play man-to-man a lot, but I'm actually also blitzing."

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On worst experience blitzing in practice: "Kaleb Johnson. They do this technique and they choke a person. He hit me up and I was like (choking sound), 'Let me go.' Kaleb Johnson, trying to blitz against him, freaking choked me."

MORE: Kaleb Johnson on nuances of zone blocking

On waiting to see snaps since arriving in spring 2011: "It's been rough. It's been rough having to wait and play. But once it's finally here it's a lot more gratifying knowing I did my dues. I learned what I could learn. So now I'm on the field and I really deserve it."

Sophomore safety Tejay Johnson

On time leading up to final depth chart changes: "I'm just going to ball out until that comes. I'll give them a reason for them to put me on the field, and I'll make it hard for them to make a starter. Me and Aiken, we're back there working as hard as we possibly can., even though Aiken's already in the sub-package, dime. That's probably permanent, him at dime. We're going to continue to work hard and push them. Nobody comes here not to start. Nobody comes here to be a rotator." 

On importance of third safety after watching Wayne Warren: "Being that type of person, you're very versatile. They can put you in in any different situation. If somebody goes down, you're a starter. (If) somebody doesn't, you're already in a third-down package, all the special teams. Teams have to account for that."

On '30' (three-man front) package: "We had it last year. In '30' and dime usually I want to say one of the ends drop back. That's the only difference. ... We want more people dropping back for the sticks."

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Anonymous Josh said...

This cracked me the hell up: "Kaleb Johnson, trying to blitz against him, freaking choked me." Sounds like a funny kid.

August 19, 2013 at 8:42 AM 

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