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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Quotable: Rutgers' Dave Cohen talks Kyle Flood, Tampa and recruiting

Head coach Kyle Flood begins his first and only season in the American in nearly 24 hours. His close friend, Dave Cohen, will do the same but with more responsibility. (Tyler Barto/ file photo)

By Tyler Barto
Twitter: @Tyler_Barto

Dave Cohen, 46, has never called plays at a potential BCS-qualifying school. That will change Thursday night, when Cohen becomes the first coordinator directly outside Greg Schiano's coaching tree to impact Rutgers.

The Trentonian profiled Cohen in its season preview, but here's what Cohen said Aug. 10 at Rutgers' media day that didn't make the cut:

On his appointment to coordinator from head coach Kyle Flood: "I didn't approach him, he didn't approach me. The first time we were alone, he said I'd be the defensive coordinator. To be honest with you, we were in the heat of recruiting. My priority is what's best for Rutgers football. ... To be honest with you, we were in the heat of the battle for recruiting. We were trying to lock up some recruits at that time. I really wasn't worried about (being a coordinator)."

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On recruiting rangy linebackers in mold of fifth-year senior Jamal Merrell"One of the things we talk about as a staff from coach Flood down is we don't want to bring kids in here that have one role. You want to bring people that have flexibility and the ability to play multiple positions. When you pigeonhole a kid for one position, if that position does not work out you've got a mistake on your hands. That's not good. You need kids that can help you in many different areas."

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On his influences, including former Rutgers coordinators Schiano and Robb Smith"I had a chance to go down and spend some time in Tampa Bay in early spring and learn from Robb. ... When you mistakes, you learn better ways of doing it.
"I visited here when I was at Delaware and Hofstra, so I learned from (Schiano), his assistants. It's his package from Robb. Then this spring I spent a day and a half down there with those guys. Of course I have a lot of experience and we have some great assistants where they've brought some ideas with them, as well."

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