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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rutgers recruiting: spring evaluation period begins for Kyle Flood, staff in New Jersey

By Tyler Barto
Twitter: @Tyler_Barto

PISCATAWAY — Less than a few hours after Rutgers' 10th spring practice ends Tuesday, the team's coaching staff is already making its rounds to New Jersey High schools for the start of the spring evaluation period.

Head coach Kyle Flood says he's excited for the 90-day window to get in touch with local recruits.

"I think it's one more opportunity right now to build our relationships with the coaches, with the guidance counselors and teachers and people that know these players in the schools to make sure you get all the best information you can," Flood said. "The more information you have the more good decisions you make."

Injuries, precautions with top players affect Rutgers' offense

Flood said he has never considered altering Rutgers' spring practice schedule to coincide with the evaluation period, which ends May 31. Some schools are already finished up with their spring games.

Coaches can make one phone call — reduced in value by a rise in social media — to a recruit and make two separate evaluations, one athletic and another academic, according to

"We've really done ours based on when spring break is," Flood said. "Spring break's a little later (than Martin Luther King Jr. Day), and I've never liked the idea of breaking it up. Not that we wouldn't try it in the future, but right now we haven't."

Video from Tuesday's practice:


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