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Friday, November 22, 2013

Rutgers' Kyle Flood says he will evaluate all options after another loss

Head coach Kyle Flood said Friday that Rutgers' current offense isn't structured for pass-heavy situations. 
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By Tyler Barto
Twitter: @Tyler_Barto

After a game in which his starting quarterback completed less than 50 percent of his passes for the third time in four tries, head coach Kyle Flood promised another re-evaluation Friday.

It remains to be seen if it will lead to tangible results. Rutgers does not practice again until Monday, but Flood and Rutgers' coaching staff will meet before then to decide what to do at quarterback next week.

"I'm not going to close the door on anything," Flood said.

Gary Nova was 11-for-34 on Thursday night at No. 18 Central Florida and finished with only 107, a season low when he has finished the whole game. Rutgers' offense has sputtered.

Poor on-field performances could affect recruiting

Its run game, which it touts as its primary focus, managed to net 69 yards. Another game trailing by multiple scores promised it. At this point, Rutgers' problems might not be correctable in the next two weeks.

It remains to be seen if its personnel on offense, as presently constructed, can handle such a workload.

["I'm not going to close the door on anything." — Kyle Flood]

"If we're not able to run the ball better," Flood said, "we are not designed right now to win a game where we have to throw the ball on every down."

A re-opened quarterback position followed a 35-point loss to Houston in late October. Both Nova and backup Chas Dodd took first-team snaps during the following week, but Nova did not leave the field the next week against Temple.

"We have to continue to look at the film and examine where the breakdowns are and see if we feel like we can make enough improvements to stay the same course," Flood said. "If we feel like Chas gives us the better chance to win, then that's really where you make the decision."

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