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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Clarice Tyree, mother of former Rutgers player Jevon Tyree, doesn't ask for firings on ESPN

Rutgers defensive coordinator Dave Cohen allegedly verbally abused former player Jevon Tyree during a spring study session. (AP photo)

By Tyler Barto
Twitter: @Tyler_ Barto

Clarice Tyree, the mother of former Rutgers player Jevon Tyree, said Sunday on ESPNews that her son received repeated text messages from defensive coordinator Dave Cohen in the spring but Jevon did not want to respond.

Jevon Tyree and the Tyree family alleged Friday via that Cohen verbally abused Jevon Tyree and bullied him, which led to him being ostracized from and quitting the team.

Clarice Tyree called it a "verbal assault" Sunday.

Rutgers released a statement soon after claiming head coach Kyle Flood and the Tyree family had resolved the issue and that Athletic Director Julie Hermann, not yet hired when the events occurred in the spring, was informed.

But the Tyree family said via it had not met or spoken with Hermann, contrary to Rutgers' statement.

Asked what she wanted to happen at Rutgers in the alleged aftermath, Clarice Tyree said she wanted Jevon Tyree to finish the year academically on scholarship. She did not demand anyone on the coaching staff be fired.

Flood declined comment on the matter Saturday after Rutgers' 52-17 loss to Cincinnati.

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