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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rutgers' David Milewski: 'You play tendencies (with dime, 30 package)'

Davon Jacobs (29) is a former defensive back playing linebacker in Rutgers' 30 package. It has been vulnerable to long runs up the middle. (AP Photo)

By Tyler Barto
Twitter: @Tyler_Barto

David Milewski has endured three operations in Piscataway. Rutgers' staff could now ask him to drop surgically repaired knees coverage in certain sets.

The junior defensive end's injury history is well known. He has played more in two games than he has since 2011. It won't stop him from having a dynamic role in Rutgers' 30 package.

"We're obviously concerned more about the pass in that situation," Milewski said Wednesday. "Mentally I'm more into pass-rush mode. In certain assignments I have more pass responsibilities in terms of drops and coverage."

The 30 package, named for its three-man defensive front, often features two edge rushers and six defensive backs. It often appears during obvious passing downs.

It has often been susceptible to long runs. Fresno State's David Carr kept the ball on a read-option look Aug. 29 and gashed a pass-first defense. One of Norfolk State's few long runs came against the 30 package.

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Most times, it is often a concession of defeat for an offense facing third-and-long.

"That's the thing: On third down, if you have breakdowns anywhere, then the teams usually tend to find it. ... It's really a mental battle," Milewski said. "If you have one person break down, you can have a 20-yard gash up the middle for a run. The lay fan doesn't see that.

"That's kind of the risk you take with dime and '30', but the advantages to it are a lot higher. You play tendencies at this point. If they're throwing 90 percent on third down in certain distances, you tend to play tendencies. If they catch you one time, then sometimes you have to bite the bullet."

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