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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kyle Flood allows certain creative licenses to Rutgers' coordinators

By Tyler Barto
Twitter: @Tyler_Barto

Head coach Kyle Flood said Wednesday he gives Rutgers' coordinators flexibility within the overall framework of the program.

“We have a vision of each unit at Rutgers that is independent of the coordinators," Flood said. "That is not their decision. But when you hire coordinators I think you have to make sure that what they believe in fits into what you believe in as a program. In each case, whether it’s coach (Joe) Rossi, Coach (Dave) Cohen or Coach (Ron) Prince, we have that. Once that is in place and the systems are in place like we have here, they have a little bit of freedom of expression. Certainly on offense you always need that to be able to accentuate your best playmakers.”

Kyle Flood said Wednesday his coordinators have "freedom of expression" within the confines of Rutgers' vision of its offense and defense. (Tyler Barto/ file photo)

Flood reiterated as much from mid-January, when he looked to fill two vacant coordinator positions.

The team's defensive playcaller would have little room for his own imprint. Greg Schiano ingrained a defensive philosophy that became as synonymous with the program as its block 'R'. With Cohen, from Flood's same coaching tree, Rutgers hired from within.

"We're a multiple 4-3 defense that's a pressure package," Cohen said at the team's Aug. 10 media day. "That's not going to change. Whether we rotate some other looks or concepts in ... that stuff will be there. Maybe percentage-wise it's a different change-up."

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["Once that is in place and the systems are in place ... they have a little bit of freedom of expression." — Kyle Flood]

Its offensive success was less fluid.

Flood likely knew as much from his own two-year stint as co-offensive coordinator. Plagued by personnel issues, Rutgers scrapped its traditional approach in 2009-10 and featured the Wildcat, among other formation groupings.

He has allowed Prince that same freedom to build around playmakers, although so far Prince has done so with more convention.

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