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Monday, June 24, 2013

Gary Nova on Rutgers' attention, Big East, Ron Prince and more

By Tyler Barto
Twitter: Tyler_Barto

PISCATAWAY — Junior quarterback Gary Nova spoke to the media today at the Hale Center for the first time since the end of spring practice. 

Gary Nova said new playcaller Ron
Prince adapted to Rutgers' backfield
with a run scheme not based on power.
(AP Photo)
You can find our Trentonian story for print here, but here's what else Nova had to say before training camp Aug. 2:

On Rutgers' media attention this spring"You have a lot of pride in your school, and to see people laughing about us on ESPN, it hurts. You know it doesn't have anything to do with the football team, but that's your University. That's where you go every day." (Note: For what it's worth, Nova has not met new AD Julie Hermann yet.)

On thoughts of a disbanded Big East football league: “I wouldn’t say I grew up trying to be a Big East football player. I did want to stay close to home. I watched Miami when they were in the Big East when I was younger. That was my dream school.”

On new offensive coordinator Ron Prince: “The new run scheme that Coach Prince brought in helps us out more because we don’t really have the size we want in the power run game.
“Coach Prince has a great plan. He has a lot of experience coaching, and I think with the personnel we have and the scheme he implemented in the spring will help us a lot.”

On effect of running game on his own play late last season: “I don’t put any blame on that. Obviously we didn’t run the ball the way we wanted to, but the way I played, that’s no excuse. I have to play better. I understand that. I will play better in the future.”

On perspective of 2012 season: “During the season, you can’t dwell on the past game as much as you want to. You want to figure out why the things happened as they did. In the spring, I watched every snap — good and bad. You watch yourself and realize, ‘Wow, I can’t believe I did this,’ or, ‘Why did I stop doing that?’

On getting in better shape“It started early in the spring, losing weight. Now [strength and conditioning] coach [Jeremy] Cole has put together a great plan for all the quarterbacks and getting our arms healthy.”

On dealing with layoff before training camp: “I don’t think you can ever be too involved as a quarterback. All the film is already up (on Fresno State). I try not to sit there and cringe for hours and hours watching them.”

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